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A boutique Beauty Salon in Singapore bringing you the best:

  • Full body massages,Prenatal and Post Natal Massages,

  • Facial, Eyebrow Embroidery, Slimming and Weight Loss.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts was founded by it’s director, Valerie De Costa, in it’s early days in 2001, then known as Nouriskin , located in it’s humble premises in Selegie Complex which had it’s start as a simple provider for facials and massages and make up artistry for events.

Valerie is a graduate with a vocational diploma from Asia’s leading cosmetology college: Top to Toe College of Beauty and Cosmetology, where she scored distinctions in both Theory and Practical in the year 2003. She is also a member of the prestigious World Master’s organisation since 2004.

Aside from the in depth studies, Valerie’s years of experience in the industry has given her a vast knowledge of cosmetic science that she uses to formulate her own customised skin care products by hand to suit the different needs of her clients.

Facial treatments and Slimming massages like no other in Singapore

Nourifbc provides a comprehensive facial , slimming massage and hair removal treatments menu that has been carefully thought out help client’s obtain truly amazing results and satisfaction for their needs and problems.

These highly lauded results since the early days of the company, have been instrumental in allowing Nouri Face & Body Concepts to be a recognized brand name in Singapore that is close to approaching nearly two decades of excellence.

Professional Beauty Services with Certified Qualifications

Nouri Face & Body Concepts has earned it’s recognition through years of hard work and studies of various beauty treatments with reputable education providers. Take a look at our certifications and awards in the menu below.

Awards and Achievements:

Between 2001 to 2009, Val achieved her professional education and awards in the midst of her three pregnancies. With her husband’s encouragement, she was also building her business while her children were in their early years. This signifies her dedication to her clients, her business and to her loved ones.

Professional education achievements:

As Valerie steadily achieved recognition and a positive reputation as an accredited professional in the beauty salon industry, the company shifted it’s premises to Jalan Sultan to cater to Val’s growing base of clientele, painstakingly built up through much effort and hard work as well as the need to improve herself constantly in the ever changing and demanding industry.

Catch this inspiring mumpreneur, as she accounts her trials and tribulations towards success in this latest interview with an award winning writer and family life expert, June Yong, family blog from mamawearpapashirt Nouri-Face-Body-Concepts-Valerie-De-Costa-mum

Valerie is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a mother to three young and active kids.

With 15 years of experience under her belt, she now blogs about beauty, skin care and fashion, writing extensively for restaurants and travel , conducts beauty seminars , manages a team of  dedicated therapists and collaborates with pharmacists to offer her clients a holistic range of facial treatments , skin and body care products.

Image 5 of Profile pageAlways looking youthful and radiant, this energetic career woman understands the hectic lifestyles that the modern woman leads and the need to minimize time spent on looking fabulous.

Hence, she is known for her beauty tips and hacks in “looking good in 10 minutes ” with the top beauty blogger in Singapore, Jessie Ting.

We're Not Just A Beauty Salon, Our Clients Are Like Family

Many of Nouri Face & Body Concepts ‘s clients have continued their support over the years because of Val’s frank and approachable nature as well as her unstinting efforts since the early days to ensure and maintain it’s quality of services rendered to her diverse range of clients of all races and ages from different walks of life such as teenagers with acute acne trauma, expectant mums seeking full body post natal massage or slimming massage treatments , looking to ease the stress of expecting a baby and to regain their figures, the busy and weary executive who needs pampering.

Their reviews and testimonials speak volumes.

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant in 2012, I started to read up more about prenatal/ post natal massage. Upon reaching the 2nd term of my pregnancy, I realised that I was having severe backaches and every part of my body was aching.

I noticed Valerie De Costa’s blog , and what drew me to her blog was her confidence and she was able to do prenatal massage for mums who were expecting at 12 weeks.

Most of the other establishments could only start accept mums who were at least 20 weeks pregnant.new-mum

The first time I saw Val, I could never imagine she is actually a mother of 3 boys. she was a very presentable looking lady.

After expereincing her skills , I told my husband that I would only go back to Val for my prenatal needs and visited her shop once every two weeks. She would always try her best to fit my appointments in, even though her schedule is busy. After givng birth, I decided to engage Val for my post natal massage as well. She helped me with her signature techniques. During that period, my mum was helping with my confinement. Val was kind enough to tell my mum the dos and don’ts of confinement, she offered her family’s recipe for red dates tea and even advised on baby care!

My family and I really apprecite what Val had done for us, even though she may think nothing about her deeds. Now that I’m pregnant with my number 2, the first person I look forward to seeing again is, of course, Val!

Without her skills and advice, I dont think I would have enjoyed my previous pregnancy so much!….. Thank you Val!”

– June Tan , soon to be mother of 2

I was first introduce to Valerie from Nouri Face & Body Concepts by my best friend when I am 3.5 months pregnant with 2nd child. She talked about her prenatal massage helping pregnant mummies to relax, and her shop is conveniently located in Crawford Lane.

2I was skeptical when I arrived at her shop situated underneath a HDB flat. I thought to myself, would this shop provides relaxing massage like those Spa? I always do prenatal massage at big establishments, as I felt that their therapists would be more trained in handling pregnant ladies. So I was worried to entrust my pregnant body in her hands.

However, Valerie soon banished the impression quickly, she took extra effort and time to explain the products that she is using on pregnant mummies and why the ingredients are safe for pregnant mummies. she is also very experienced in knowing which acupuncture points to avoid during pregnancy, for example: foot reflexology must be avoid throughout the whole pregnancy. I am surprised by her vast knowledge and expertise in pre & post natal care, because those therapist at big establishments never took the time to explain and go through all these facts. Hence,I began to visit her on a weekly basis for prenatal massage helps me to relax, my skin has more elasticity and her anti stretch marks oil helps me prevent strectch marks for this pregnancy. Braxton hicks from 24 weeks onwards. SHAAN NGOR

I have known Valerie De Costa since 2008 when she was operating in a larger shop in Textile Centre. I explained my issues and she planned a program to suit my needs.

3Before meeting Val, I was visiting two other establishments for my acne ridden face. One was a medical hall that insisted I visit them every forth-night, while the other was a beauty salon that pushed expensive packages everytime I visited for a facial. Despite the amount of such high maintenance and time spent, my skin barely improved.

Until I met Val, she sympathized with my situation and mentioned that she hoped to be my final beauty therapist who could deal with my skin. My complexion improved after a few treatments and I began to trust her.

I must also add that Val’s shop is fully equipped with various machines and services. Besides facial treatments, I can always step in to have services such as IPL , wraps, scrubs, detox and waxing done. I no longer need to visit other establishments as I know that I will be in good hands.


I have known Valerie De Costa since 2008 when she was running a bigger shop in Textile Centre. I was looking for a one off quick mani/pedi session slightly after work hours had no intention of staying longer at Val’s place.

At that time, I was a firm believer in visiting spas and salons in upmarket malls with frequent advertisements, thinking that these places were more professional.

4But meeting Val made me change my mind. Nouri Face & Body Concepts, though a small company, is fully equipped with a comprehensive menu to serve a woman’s needs- face, body, nails, mind and soul.

Out of curiosity, I decided to try out all her treatments just to measure her standards with the other “well known” establishments

To my pleasant surprise, the quality of the treatments rendered far exceeded the standards of the other places I visited. Val was thorough in her work and detailed in her explanation.

She shared her knowledge and educated me on the protocol of the treatments. Sha was not pushy about selling her products and packages. It then dawned on me that I have been overpaying and not receiving full proper care with my packages signed elsewhere. What a regret of not meeting Val earlier!

I do not look forward to making appointments to go back to the previous beauty and spa companies, because each time I do, I am asked to upgrade my programs even though they are not fully utilised.

I now engage Val for all of my beauty needs. There is hardly a reason for me to go elsewhere as I know I have met a trustworthy therapist.

-Toh Su Yen

5“For the past 15 years I have tried many different brands of products and many treatments from other establishments for my super sensitive skin but I never found the right product or suitable therapist , until I tried NOURI.

I can see the big changes in my skin. Nouri Face & Body’s skincare products and customised treatments really work wonders for me.

Valerie De Costa is very professional, she will observe my skin condition as it changes from time to time and will provide me with the right treatment and products. Her prices are very reasonable too and value for money.

Val is definitely my only choice for my beauty needs” -SHIRLEY LOW

Val stays true to her principles by offering personalized bespoke facial treatments and slimming packages  at competitive prices to suit the customer’s individual needs as opposed to it’s many competitors who opt to push unwanted products and fixed packages to customers in the name of profit. She has always sought to maintain the reputation of not practicing hard sell tactics.

Self taught in cosmetic science and well reputed for her effective formulas, she is often approached by clients for customized skin care formulas.

NouriFBC's Beauty Salon Services

Today, Nourifbc has grown to include an extensive range of services for both Men & Women using top of the line supplies and equipment, ranging from it’s benchmark services such as :

  • Facial treatments and Skin Care Treatments

  • IPL Hair Removal

  • Full Body Slimming and Weight Loss treatment

  • Full Body Traditional Javanese Prenatal Massage

  • Post Natal Massage and Confinement period care

  • Eyebrow Tattoo Removal by Laser

  • Brazilian waxing and Body Hair Removal treatment

  • Eyelid Embroidery

  • Lip Embroidery

There is also an impressive array of it’s very own line of skincare products suited to treat facial dilemnas and also post natal stretchmarks.The most popular of these would be the Nouri Sexy Mum cream which has won praises from customers and mummy bloggers alike for it’s amazing cellulite and stretchmark eradication properties.

The rigorous standards and personalised pampering services at Nouri Face & Body Concepts have also led to a collaboration with a team of beauty bloggers and ambassadors like Jessie Ting , Isaac Chan , Ng Ju Ann , Crystle Tan , June Yong , Joy Lim and Grace Tan . These bloggers have given many genuine and honest unpaid reviews of NouriFBC’s services, and have remained as close friends with us ever since.

Come and revel in the experience that is unique to Nouri Face & Body Concepts with luxurious treatments administered by Val and her team of friendly and passionate therapists, giving you quality and results like no other.

Under Valerie’s personal care and management, you can be assured of receiving the absolute best that we have to offer with a personalized feel and be free of disappointments.

Contact us today for any questions, requests or appointments.

We are guaranteed to give you a reply within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Nouri Face & Body Concepts Singapore

Nouri Face & Body Concepts is a boutique concept beauty salon conveniently located in Central Singapore. Since 2001,we have provided thousands of highly satisfied customers with our award winning health and beauty services.

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