Tips For Beautiful Eyebrow Embroidery

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Tips For Beautiful Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrows on fleek isn’t exactly hard to achieve today with the numerous types of eyebrow embroidery shops in Singapore offering such services that range from moderately priced to more premium types of services.

This infographic was created with the intention to help the women of Singapore ( yes,you) understand what to look out for when deciding which service or beauty salon is best for your eyebrow reshaping needs.

Do bear in mind, the following is in no way an advertisement of our own services, but an informative and non biased guide based on our 15 plus years in the beauty business.


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With the above info, we are pretty sure you now are equipped with a better idea on how best to approach the idea of getting your eyebrow needs met by a professional. Personally, when your facial features are involved, try not to go for bottom bargain deals that seem to good to be true. In most cases,  we meet a lot of women that come to us to fix a botched eyebrow job that they did because the prices were “too attractive to ignore”.

A woman’s facial features are too precious to be marred by low quality services offered by those who are only concerned with making a profit.

We hope you have found this INFOGRAPHIC on eyebrow embroidery do’s and don’ts to be entertaining and useful. Do share this with your friends using the buttons below, or grab the embed code below to use it in your own blog if you wish to.

You can also check out our own eyebrow embroidery services for more information.

If you have any questions related to getting your brows done, or getting eyebrow embroidery removal done for yourself, then please visit NouriFBC’s eyebrow services page and drop us an email using the submission form there.

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