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Facial treatments that repair and rejuvenate your skin
Our facial experts perform personalized treatments that offer great skin care results for smoother, clearer and more radiant looking skin.
Facial treatments that repair and rejuvenate your skin
Our facial experts perform personalized treatments that offer great skin care results for smoother, clearer and more radiant looking skin.
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Nouri Face & Body Concepts specializes in treating problematic skin using customized treatments. Our skin care solutions cater to a wide variety of skin types and issues.

Treat yourself to a pampering session of relaxing and soothing facials where you can expect visibly finer pores, better elasticity and a cleansed surface.
Our Client, Elaine Before and After Our Aqua Peel Facial Treatments.
Enjoy our range of soothing and relaxing facials
What you will get
Aqua peel facial
(U.P $195) / 60 MINS
For sensitive or allergic skin types. Cleanses thoroughly but gently and soothes easily inflamed or irritated skin cells.
IPL facial
(U.P $195) / 45 MINS
Refine rough spots and post acne scars, remove deep impurities and comedones in pores and promote skin lightening.
Skin Renewal & Rejuvenation
(U.P $256) / 60 MINS
For dark pigmentation and age spots, helps with restoring heathy PH balance to prevent excess sebum or dehydration which contributes to the formation of pigments and age spots.
Oxygen facial
(U.P $195) / 45 MINS
For dull, tired and dry lifeless skin types. Promotes circulation in facial muscles, which enhances healing of facial skin tissues and the gives your overall complexion a healthy glow.
V- Shape & Lift Facial
(U.P $256) / 60 MINS
For skin tightening. Added enhancing of elasticity in facial muscles to prevent aging signs and a taut and firm complexion. Opened pores with long term damage can also be treated,giving you a smoother and tighter skin surface with a 'bounce' effect.
Feel relaxed & confident in the hands of experts
Our director Valerie has an impressive range of certification that span from more dan a decade ago. Having served a wide base of clients suffering from various skin problems since 2000, Valerie uses her knowledge of cosmetic science to personalizes each session of therapy to every client’s needs.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts is highly reputed by it’s clients and ambassadors to having delivered facial treatments with the latest cutting edge technology at reasonable prices. It’s high standards of quality are hard to ignore.

Just recline in peaceful comfort, while our skin care expert indulge your skin with everything you need to be pampered and healed to look fresh and feel brand new.
Get Instantly Cleansed And Polished With Aqua Peel
Sensitive skin is hard to cleanse using off-the-shelf cleansers and masks. Sensitivity makes it very uncomfortable to do manual extractions of comedones and impurities.

Our Aqua Peel treatment is specially designed to thoroughly exfoliate and flush out impurities from your pores using concentrated jets of pressurized water.

No more painful extractions and redness.

This treatment is also suitable for those who do not have sensitive skin, but have heavily clogged pores with sebum or comedones.
DURATION: 60 MINS / U.P $195
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Look Younger & Feel Confident with the V-Shape & Lift Facial
This facial treatment has anti aging benefits to repair impaired collagen production in skin cells which causes lost elasticity, fine wrinkles and lines and crows feet around the eyes.

The 'V' shape lifting helps to prevent and treat sag in the cheek and jowls. Look younger And more vibrant than your years with this highly popular service today!
DURATION: 60 MINS / U.P $256
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