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Nouri Face & Body Concepts provides a comprehensive facial treatments menu that has been carefully thought out creatively by it’s founder  Valerie De Costa  , a graduate from Asia’s leading cosmetology college, Top to Toe College of Beauty and Cosmetology where she scored distinctions in both Theory and Practical in the year 2003. She is also a member of the World Master’s organisation since 2004.

IPL face treatment

Facial For Multiple Skin Types and Conditions

Having served a wide base of clients suffering from various skin problems since 2000, Valerie uses her knowledge of cosmetic science to personalizes each session of therapy to every  client’s needs. The facial treatments are designed to help target multiple skin issues related to stress, occupation , hormonal imbalance , the heat and humidity in Singapore. Customized skin care can be formulated upon requests for cold and drastic climate changes whilst one is abroad.

A Local and Reputable Boutique Beauty Salon Offering the Best

Modestly nestled in a centrally located estate in the heartlands of  Crawford Lane , Nourifbc is highly reputed by it’s clients and ambassadors to having delivered facial treatments with the latest cutting edge technology at reasonable prices. It’s high standards of quality are hard to ignore. The successful results attained  and pampering services rendered are competitive with it’s commercially driven peers , if not better.Image 2 of Facial page

Premium Facial Services for All Skin Types

The highly effective and state of the art facial treatments such as the CO2 , IPL , RF , Mary Cohr Catio Vital , Oxygen facial and Nouri black label series facial treatment essence and skin whitening serum are redesigned by Valerie to help individuals who suffer from the following:

  • Pigmentation due to sun exposure, aging and menopause.Image 2 of Facial page
  • Post natal pigmentation,darkened skin.
  • Acne and Bacne ( acne on one’s back).
  • Teenage acne , impure skin and bacne.
  • Pigmentation and age spots.
  • Comedones such as blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Skin tag , millia oil seeds.
  • Acne Scars.

The extensive range of soothing and relaxing facial services offered will serve a variety of needs such as pore size reduction,sebum build up and pore detox, skin lightening, moisture and hydration, restoring elasticity of skin, anti aging and wrinkle reduction.

Try out any of the following facial services that start at $388 each,before a 50% discount* on all 1st TRIAL SESSIONS.

Catio Vital Facial for sensitive or allergic skin types. Cleanses thoroughly but gently and soothes easily inflamed or irritated skin cells.
IPL facial to refine rough spots and post acne scars, remove deep impurities and comedones in pores and promote skin lightening.
CO2 Laser for dark pigmentation and age spots, helps with restoring heathy PH balance to prevent excess sebum or dehydration which contributes to the formation of pigments and age spots.
Oxygen facial for dull, tired and dry lifeless skin types. Promotes circulation in facial muscles,which enhances healing of facial skin tissues and the gives your overall complexion a healthy glow.
RF facial for lifting and firming of matured skin. By using advanced and high standards of clinical machines, the RF facial combats and prevents wrinkles,crows feet, saggy jowls and creases caused by natural aging of your skin.
Bio lifting for skin tightening. Added enhancing of elasticity in facial muscles to prevent aging signs and a taut and firm complexion. Opened pores with long term damage can also be treated,giving you a smoother and tighter skin surface with a 'bounce' effect.

See what our satisfied customers are saying about our facials services:

Read about Celine’s experience with out facial treatment here.Facial+treatment+singapore_10+copy[1]

Nourifbc has everything you need to be pampered and healed to look fresh and feel brand new. Get renewed confidence and a ever glowing complexion with us today!

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