Eyebrow Embroidery: What is it, and is it Safe?

Eyebrow Embroidery: What is it, and is it Safe?
When it comes to your beauty treatment routine, you may be missing out on one of the latest and greatest things to happen to women and their eyebrows. Namely: eyebrow embroidery. Many people have obvious and vacant spaces in their eyebrows that they are constantly having to fill in and rectify with the use of eyebrow pencils, and some people are even going to unnecessary extremes by having little hairs tattooed on permanently. If you have bare spots in your eyebrows or naturally sparse and thin hair growth, but you don’t want to go to that extent just to look and feel beautiful, there is another fantastic option that may be of great interest to you. This option is eyebrow embroidery.
What is Eyebrow Embroidery?
Eyebrow embroidery is an alternative to tattooing that is semi-permanent. Using colour pigments that match your own natural eyebrow hair’s colour are applied to the skin with a feathering technique and special tools so that everything looks and feels completely natural. The shape that you want, or is best recommended to you by the beautician or eyebrow artisan for your eyebrows is traced out and shown to you for approval before the process begins, and then the pigments are added anywhere in this space where there are little or no eyebrow hairs. You can have this procedure performed to make your eyebrows thicker,sleeker or to make them appear darker.
Is Eyebrow Embroidery Safe?
As long as you go about it the right way, eyebrow embroidery is perfectly safe. If you are considering having this procedure done, it is important that you do your research to make sure that you find the best eyebrow embroidery reviews in Singapore. Because the procedure involves cutting into the skin, you need to know that you are dealing with only the best in the beauty business and entrust your beauty needs to them to avoid any infections or other problems. Make sure that the beautician is highly trained, reputable and also fully-qualified, and ask to before and after images of their eyebrow embroidery work beforehand. Also, it is highly recommended to seek clarification about their sterilization process, as all the tools used must be sterile and not reused so you avoid the chances of getting an infection.
It is important that you have a full one on one consultation with the beautician before having any work done, so you will completely understand the procedure. You will also need to find out about after-care methods you need to do on a daily basis that will keep the tender areas from becoming infected.
How is Eyebrow Embroidery Done?
To perform this procedure, the technician applies an anesthetic numbing cream to the area to help reduce and minimize all sensations of pain. Then, they trace out the desired creative eyebrow shape and arches, and begin the actual eyebrow embroidery. Next, small flakes or pieces of skin are removed, and pigment is added to the spaces. You may notice a bit of redness or swelling in the first few hours or days after having eyebrow embroidery done, but this will go away. The color will fade a bit, so you will have to go in for a follow-up appointment to have the colour touched up. Also, you will need periodic touch-ups in order to keep your eyebrows looking terrific for the long-term.
If you have over-plucked your eyebrows to the point where there are bald spots or you have thinning eyebrows, and you don’t like the unnatural look that comes with using an eyebrow pencil or want to get tattooed, eyebrow embroidery is your best option. It will last for many months as long as you go in for regular touch-ups. Just make sure that you seek out the best eyebrow embroidery specialists found in beauty salons from Singapore, so you know that the work will be of the highest quality and that there will be little to no risk of infection or harmful side effects and complications to your health.

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