6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Services in Singapore!

Nouri Face & Body Concepts 3D and 6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery services.

Eyebrow Embroidery has been extremely popular in Singapore over the last few years for asian women born with sparse and uneven eyebrow volume and shape. This has become the must-have beauty treatment among many women with the phasing out of dated trends such as eyebrow tattoos. Most recently, a newer and more refined technique has been created in South Korea known as the ‘6D Nano eyebrow embroidery’  or the ‘3D korean eyebrow embroidery ‘ method. These two may have different names,but they are essentially the same thing but with different purposes and results. The results have been overwhelmingly popular due to many Korean pop idols and television celebrities getting this procedure done for themselves.

Top Eyebrow embroidery Singapore. 3D and 6D eyebrow embroidery using the latest korean eyebrow methods are fast gaining popularity in Singapore.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts has had years of experience in creating beautiful and natural looking semi permanent embroidered brows for our clients in our beauty salon located in Crawford Lane. And now, we have taken it a step further with the latest technique from Korea. We have undergone additional extensive training courses in 2015, under master artisan Coco Qi from Browtisan who is very re-known and recognized in Singapore for her recognized premium grade of embroidery services catering to the top socialites and celebrities in Singapore. Our years of skill have been refined to give our clients more realistic looking beautiful eyebrows that last longer. Our clients get the best results for their eyebrows with our expert artistry and high quality dyes from Germany and South Korea that can be mixed to match the exact colour of your hair or iris eye colour.

<span data-recalc-dims="1"/>, Founder of Browtisan
"Valerie already possessed good eyebrow embroidery skills before her training with me, i am very confident of her talent and new upgraded techniques which she has worked very hard for."
- Coco Qi, Founder of Browtisan
Who Is It For

Droopy and Sparse eyebrowsMost women have various problems when it comes to their eyebrows.Nouri Face & Body Concepts’ 6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery will be suitable, but is not limited to the following most common problems:

  • Eyebrows with thin or sparse hair growth, bald spots
  • Uneven growth due to years of plucking with tweezers
  • Not clearly defined at the edges
  • Sloped downwards like the Chinese character for ‘8’ or  ‘ 眉毛’
  • Damaged hair follicles due to using Eyebrow Threading services
  • Lack of time to draw your brows everyday
  • Discoloured or faded brows from eyebrow tattoos
  • Restoring and Reworking of badly done eyebrow embroidery done in the past
  • Overdrawn eyebrows due to lack of knowledge about technique

Benefits of giving your eyebrows the korean treatment

Having Korean Eyebrow Embroidery done gives you lots of benefits. And since the procedure is semi permanent, it lasts for a minimum period of 3-4 years if done by a professional artisan using high quality dyes and creams. Here are just some things our unique 6D embroidery services can do for you.

  • Change the way single eyelids look drastically, this method works well with or without eyelid embroidery
  • Provides lasting results that saves you time and money from buying and using Eyebrow pencils everyday
  • Achieves a multi dimensional effect that allows the brows to both look and feel equally realistic and natural
  • Painless process which produces model-esque eyebrows that only expert make up artists can achieve on their own everyday.
  • Enhances your natural features such as eyes,skin tone,eye colour, nose curvature and cheek bones. These Will be further enhanced if lip embroidery is also done.
  • Allows you to go bare faced or with less make up most of the time

Types of Eyebrow Embroidery Services Offered

Consultation and pencil design of browsWe offer 2 different styles which are  highly popular choices among our satisfied customers for our eyebrow embroidery in Singapore . These two distinctly different services are designed to suit both the different kinds of needs and budgets of our clients.

Nourifbc 3D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery

After eyebrow embroideryWhen we added eyebrow services to our menu in 2007, this was the most sought after service in town. Customers that swore by eyebrow threading tried it and were converted into true believers of our quality and skill levels. Today in 2015, this service has been updated and refined to ensure the design and technique stays relevant for our clients.

We recommend this for clients who do not require extensive work done on their brows, or those with a moderate amount of hair growth on their eyebrows. This service adds structure and definition to accentuate the eyes and cheekbones.

Results : Individual hair- like strands form the shape of brows in a more digital fashion.

Highly recommended for those with thicker eyebrows needing minimal touch up on brows.

This intricate procedure involves hair- like strokes being gently implanted via a small cluster of needles shaped like a pen.The Hair- like strokes are soft and natural, greatly enhancing ones looks and facial features.

Nourifbc 6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery: Clinical Standard Aesthetic Eyebrows

Eyebrow Embroidery before and afterThis is the number one service which fixes every problem you have with your eyebrows. Using the refined and proven to be effective methods from Korea, think of this as a total transformation that makes your eyebrows bring out the best of  every style of make up and every physical facial feature you have. The best part is, it looks so incredibly realistic and natural that everyone will believe you were born with the perfect brow structure and hair growth. Many people have commented on our clients’ results that the eyebrows we create and crafted are not just life-like, but almost as if eyebrow transplants were a reality.

Results: Individual hair- like strokes form the shape of the eyebrow in a very soft, curved and natural fashion. Recommended for those who need to restructure the entire structural shape or curves of their eyebrows, add density and volume to sparse areas, cover up previous embroidery done elsewhere, or simply to look fabulous!

The Clinical standard 6D Eyebrow embroidery, by Nouri Face & Body Concepts is the latest technique known in the world of eyebrow embroidery .

The results on our clients are so highly realistic ,natural looking and beautiful, that many women are opting for this latest multi dimensional methodology of eyebrow embroidery , to redo their outdated, badly done brows or sparse natural brows to attain the delicate balance that a woman’s facial features require. If you previously had your eyebrows embroidered elsewhere but wish to redo it, the old embroidery may need to be removed first. We offer laser eyebrow embroidery removal service as well, it is only needed if the dye in your brows is too much for us to cover over. Valerie will assess if this procedure is necessary or not during your consultation session with her.

See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

<span data-recalc-dims="1"/>, Blogger
"Nouri Face & Body Concepts helped me fix my problem of being born with naturally sparse  eyebrows. I was fearful at first,but it was really painless and well done.Read my blog post about the whole process:) Everyone has noticed how different my eyebrows look now,and I couldn’t be happier with the results!"
- Joy, Blogger
"Valerie’s Eyebrow Embroidery services are top notch at competitive prices compared to those I have checked out before. It helps that she speaks good English and Mandarin too,the other places worth checking out had predominantly Mandarin speakers whom I felt hard to communicate with. I give NouriFBC a 10/10 for service,price and results."
- Katie
"NouriFBC rectified my eyebrow structure which I couldn’t get right all the time when I relied on threading and eyebrow pencils. I am very satisfied with the natural and realistic looking results, and not having to spend lots of time in front of a mirror anymore to draw my eyebrows. Thank you,NouriFBC!"
- Angelina
"I have gone to NouriFBC for most of my beauty needs, and i must say that the eyebrow embroidery service is just as good as their other offerings. Quality service,good prices and professional standards from Valerie, i am recommending them to my friends too."
- Shirley

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What Our Clients will Get

Are you ready to entrust your face’s most prominent feature in the hands of truly dedicated and professional beauty experts who understand that eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent and that you can’t just redo it whenever you like? How would your eyebrows to be taken care of by results orientated experts  that over deliver on quality? Whichever service you select, Nouri Face & Body Concepts is committed to give each and every one of our clients only the best in quality and result for complete satisfaction.

  •     Our clinical standards and refined skills will provide each and every client a unique and custom drawn sketch of the ideal eyebrow shape and design that best suits their individual facial features during the consultation with our expert and director, Valerie De Costa who will personally attend to you to ensure only the best results are achieved. Nothing says ‘premium service and quality’ like having the best certified professional personally attending to your treatment sessions.
  •     We will use only the best premium grade medical anesthetic creams from Germany used by aesthetic clinics and doctors to  ensure no pain occurs during the procedures. This is something that many other establishments fail to do, if you have ever experienced pain during a embroidery session elsewhere, it is likely due to the use of cheaper and lower quality anesthetic creams. Our healing balms that prevent infection and scarring during the healing period are also highly popular among our clients, you will definitely see better results if your brows heal properly.
  •     Every client will get a brand new needle blade for the procedure. We absolutely do not reuse our equipment on others for strict health and quality control. Some of our competitors may reuse the needle  blades to save on costs, but a dull blade definitely affects the precision of the hair strokes  definitely and adds to feeling of pain or discomfort. Our practice is to heavily sterilize all tools prior to use and promptly disposed of it after the session is ended. A new needle blade will be utilized even during touch up sessions in the future, because your safety and full satisfaction is our number one priority.
  •     Don’t worry if you scratched your brows during the healing period, or exposed yourself to harsh sunlight or applied too much pressure when drying your face with a towel. Our commitment to provide top quality results include touch up sessions after the healing process is finished. Areas of your brows that didn’t heal well due to clotting or abrasive actions will be refilled and rectified for you. Valerie will personally look at the result and make further enhancements to ensure your full satisfaction is met with the expertise and quality that only we provide here at Nouri Face & Body Concepts.

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