NouriFBC’s IPL for Hair Removal and Skin Repair

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Nouri Face & Body Concepts introduces the world’s most updated method – IPL hair removal, also known as the Intense Pulsed Light or simply , IPL . This form of laser therapy can be used for hair removal and to treat acne removal. This highly popular method is sought after by men and women in Singapore due to it’s efficiency and longer lasting results that also do not cause ingrown hairs or growths,unlike shaving.

 Laser hair removal is also frequently used to correct or erase badly done eyebrow tattoo work, or eyebrow embroidery before a new embroidery session can be done.

Many women (as well as men) , currently use varying methods of hair removal to keep their skin looking fresh, smooth and hair free for both aesthetic and hygiene reasons.

The most common methods for hair removal many of them use are

  •   Shavers.
  •   Epilators.
  •   Hair removal creams.
  •   Waxing.
  •   Brazilian Waxing.

While such methods do achieve some degree of results of hair removal , it is often accompanied by a bevy of problems:

  •   Often leaves underarms rough and darkened.
  •   The under arms develop pimple like cysts and open pores.
  •   Leaves skin patchy, reddish , itchy due to chemical or bacterial irritation.
  •   Stubble regrowth is very obvious and uncomfortable.
  •   Skin feels dry, sensitive and prickly. Irritation often occurs.
  •   Results are short lived (1-2 weeks upon average).
  •   Hair follicles grows back thicker and quicker than before with each use.
  •   If you have experienced these issues , and wish to have a safer and less tedious method with a long lasting result,find out what our IPL hair removal treatments can do for you.

The benefits of IPL Hair Removal are:

Get to the root of your hair removal woes. Nourifbc’s laser hair removal is effective at removing dense growth of hair by the roots. an extremely safe and hygienic method that does not have the risk of bacterial residue from shaver, and epilator heads or hydrogen /peroxide chemicals from hair removal creams. Using only safety approved equipment and safe anesthetic gels when needed, so no discomfort or downtime occurs.

  • Safe , hygienic , comfortable procedures.
  • No pain and discomfort or recovery time needed.
  • Hair is removed right down to the hair follicles, preventing stubble patches or spots.
  • Darkened areas of underarms and groin patches are eliminated without bleaching.
  • Saves both your time and money.

Check out the genuine reviews by our clients , ambassadors and beauty bloggers who have taken up IPL hair removal packages at Nouri Face & Body Concepts.

"My past acne pockmarks were treated and cured by using IPL from NouriFBC.Not only is my complexion blemish free now, my skin tone is lighter too. It is a real value added service as the amount of concentration for the lasers is really maximised on each area of my skin,hence the great results. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to look more youthful and vibrant."
- Deniece
"My acne scars were removed at last with the help of IPL treatments from NouriFBC. Even though I used expensive skin care products, and tried other methods-nothing else gave me the results that i have today. What I like about this is that there was no downtime for any recovery. I could have a session and go back to work without any redness or irritation. My skin feels flawless, and it looks like it glows now!"
- Ms Toh
"Valerie has done lots of excellent beauty treatments for me before,and i’d like to personally tell everyone how lucky I am to have had the IPL treatments from NouriFBC. My skin always lacked proper care due to work life and stress, i never had time to properly follow any beauty regimes that required long periods of use. IPL was faster and more effective than I expected, all I had to do was show up and let the beautician take care of it. My skin has improved so much ever since I did IPL, and i’m really glad I went for it."
- Winne

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Nouri Face & Body Concepts offers reasonably priced IPL hair removal packages for small parts such as the sideburns, forehead and upper lip hair removal. Packages for larger areas such as the under arms , lower arms , lower legs and bikini / brazilian lines are available as well. Our laser hair removal services are also available for removal of any types of bad or faded eyebrow tattoo or eyebrow embroidery.

Our laser hair removal treatments and packages differ from our competitors in town, due to the added concentrated laser shots we provide for each and every spot. In that sense, we do not use gimmicky sales tactics such as unlimited usage of package, because our treatments do much more for you within a much shorter period of time.

Another difference is, unlike other establishments where they may have  staff  who may or may not be trained with the bare mininum requirement in IPL hair removal methods, and yet are allowed to handle the IPL equipment, Nourifbc ensures that only the best practices and standards in hygiene and procedures are met for each and every one of our clients.

All IPL hair removal procedures at Nourifbc are performed by the founder, Valerie De Costa , who has more than 16 years experince in the beauty industry. Do check out her level of experience and qualifications.

IPL for Treating Acne Scars And Smoother Healthier Skin

Image 2 for IPL removal page with treatmentDid you know, acne and scars such as pitholes and pockmarks can be easily remedied simply with the use of IPL laser skin aesthetic treatments?

The laser pinpoints the affected areas specifically to remove deep rooted debris such as blackheads or whitehead sediments as well as oil and sebum. Once the pores are entirely unclogged, the facial nerves can effectively heal and close up without obstruction.

IPL can also be used to smooth over bumpy and uneven skin surfaces that have been thought to been beyond repair despite the use of expensive skin creams and products. This works similarly in principle to microdermabrasion, where the layers of skin on top of the affected areas are  gently peeled away to make new epidermal layers visible making it ideal for collagen production to heal your damaged skin.

Additional benefits of IPL Used For Skin Care

Using Laser treatments like IPL is not limited to only hair removal and treating acne problems.

TImage 3 for IPL removal page with red glasseshere are additional benefits such as:

  • Skin whitening for darker or tanned complexions.
  • Lightening of darkened skin areas such as underarms,pigmentation or freckles.
  • Vastly accelerates the skin cell’s ability to regenerate collagen.
  • Acts as a ‘primer’ for collagen infusions by clearing out all debris and blockages in pores.
  • Naturally provides the skin surface with more elasticity and suppleness.
  • Excellent results in treating post natal stretchmarks.
  • Highly effective for safe removal of age spots,liver spots and deeply embedded debris from pores.

Nouri Face and Body Concepts offers an extremely effective service using laser treatments to repair the years of damage to your skin, and keep your new and healthy skin glowing for much longer. Many of our male and female clients as well as writers from top beauty blogs in Singapore have seen wondrous effects with our IPL skin treatments.

"I am a ‘second generation’ client of NouriFBC,my mum brought me along to try out their beauty services and i’ve been a loyal fan too ever since. I have tried quite a few of the treatments that are offered, and one of my top favourites is the IPL skin treatments for which i wrote a non advertorial blog review about,you can check out my honest review."
- Grace

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