Prenatal and Post Natal Massage for Expectant Mums in Singapore

Prego feeling tired

Going through pregnancy especially the prenatal stages, can be a terrifying and confusing experience for both new and experienced mothers. While the modern Singaporean woman is also faced with challenges and fears that the older generation cannot relate to such as high stress due to work load and expenses, physical transformations that are mentally hard to process or accept.

In the Post Natal stage, Singaporean women now face a daily conundrum of what is acceptable or not when making meal choices due to a confusing mix of advice and superstitious beliefs passed down from the older folks or old school confinement nanny as to what really constitutes as ‘proper’ confinement period practices.

You Are Not Alone In This, Let Us Guide and Help You.

Why we are Singapore’s best choice for Pregnancy Massage Treatments

Nouri Face & Body Concepts has over a decade of experience in all pregnancy issues ranging from diet and nutrition tips, midwifery knowledge that are aligned with the best medical best practices today, as well as treatment services that are effective solutions to help you cope with your physical changes and delicate state in all trimesters, as well as after child birth to help your delicate state of health regain the vigour and vitality you once had.

Being literally the Pioneer Beauty Service to offer both Prenatal and Post Natal massage treatments in Singapore, we were awarded on a national level as the very first ever beauty salon in Singapore to bring traditional mid wife or confinement nanny experience and herbal based therapy together as a complete package to meet the growing demand of a modern so.

Over the last decade, we have refined our massage techniques and methods to include modern innovations that help to enhance the already fantastic results and value that our treatments provide to each and every one of our clients. Our Prenatal and Post Natal treatments are widely recognized as the best in the industry.

Let us help you with all your prenatal or post natal needs and worries.

Using our secret recipes and body work massage techniques that were handed down from our founder’s Thai and Peranakan ancestry as our bases, we add layers of value added benefits by incorporating traditional rich and creamy Jamu herbal concoctions that are home brewed and 100% organic, together with our clinically approved machinery and the extra special ‘secret sauce’ of our trademarked and extremely popular self formulated ‘Nouri Sexy Mum’ cream that rids the body of stubborn cellulite, stretchmarks and to further enhance the burning of fatty cell deposits under the skin’s surface.

The result of this combination is a well rounded mixture of :
  • Clear and hydrated skin with our moisture replenishing facials,scrubs and wraps.
  • Restoring and lightening of darkened areas such as the arm pits, belly button and others.
  • Removal of unsightly stretch marks and cellulite streaks or patches.
  • Healthy blood circulation to lower stress levels and hormonal imbalance with deep tissue massage.
  • A healthy and detoxified inner sanctuary for the foetus to grow safely and healthily with a lymphatic
  • Relief of the daily aches and pains or swelling associated with pregnancy trimesters.
  • Early prevention of loose skin and weight gain which is obvious
    after childbirth.
  • Preparation of the lactation milk glands in breasts to help
    in breastfeeding.


For a complete health, peace of mind and much needed pampering, look no further than
Nouri Face & Body Concept’s award winning prenatal massage and treatments for all
your expectancy needs

acne and pigmentation
Facials for acne and pigmentation

Breakouts or blotchy skin are common with pregnancy. Blocked pores and sebum build up increases because of hormonal imbalance in your body. Leave your skin care needs to us for a flawless and glowing complexion that can only be described as being extremely relaxing and pampering.

Therapeutic Massage( Deep tissue, Lymphatic,Jamu)

Take away all the aches and stress with our very skilled body massages that are guranteed to perk you up and relieve the discomforts of your daily physical state. We only use organic and natural ingredients in our treatments to protect both mother and baby.

eyebrow embroidery
Eyebrow Embroidery

Get the latest 6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery method to fix uneven or sparse browse that will result in highly realistic and naturally looking eyebrows. We use safe and high quality grades of creams and dyes from Germany and Korea that won’t interfere with your pregnancy.

Refreshing Body Glow

Our pampering and multi beneficial cocoon style wraps and polishing scrubs will allow you to emerge feeling revitalized , hydrated and energetic.Removes all dead skin cells and impurities and even treats acne on the back. The polishing effects give you soft baby smooth soft skin all over and glowing with long lasting results that leave you feeling sexy.

Sleeping mask that combats stretchmarks

Take charge of your body now and retain your pre pregnacy figure and looks with our highly effective sleeping mask that goes below the epidermis layers to reduce and prevent the spread of stretch marks, disperse water retention and gives you lightened skin that on darkened areas of your body.


Is your baby bump making it hard for you to do much needed maintenance in hard to reach places? Our skillful Brazilian waxing will take care of it for you to leave you smooth and hygienic til your delivery.

Make up for maternity photo shoot

Who says being pregnant makes a woman less camera friendly? Our accredited make up application skills will give you that warm healthy glow to allow you to take stunning photos for documenting your pre and post pregnancy journey that will make fond memories journeyfor you and your family in years to come.

Manicure & Pedicure

Who has time for nails when your back hurts and your feet are swollen? Let us primp your nails to total perfection. Just lay back and relax while we take care of the simple things an expectant woman has no time to do by herself.


Slimming Massages
Slimming Massages

Getting you back in shape by helping you to slim down fast is one of our top priorities for clients our post natal clients. Using our advanced slimming massage methods, Jamu based herbal concoctions and the highly popular ‘Nouri Sexy Mum’ slimming cream, we will get you to slim down healthily and fast. These massages also combat fatigue and post childbirth depression with focus on your meridian points to promote a better circulation and endorphins.

Skin treatments

Besides relieving the body of wind to maintain a good internal system, we will work on the outside of your body as well with concentrated targeting of cellulite patches and stretch marks, blackened underarms or belly buttons. Making your skin taut,firm and sexy once again will be accomplished in just a short period of time.

Nutritional Guidance and Dietary Needs

Our founder Valerie will use her expertise to properly guide you on the foods that you should and shouldn’t be consuming. Specially formulated organic and traditional herbal concoctions to replenish your weakened energy and promote better blood circulation and quicker recovery can also be brewed and provided upon request.

Fertility Massage

For a period of up to 9 months, your body has stored up lots of oxidants and radicals due to having to consume enough food for two, not to mention the periods of food cravings. This leads to a build up of toxins in the body that need to be purged to aid your full recovery. Lymphatic massages will clear out the backed up toxins within your body quickly and safely without the use of chemicals or pills.


We have an extensive menu that isn’t limited to the above post pregnancy services. For additional problems such as itchy, flaky scalps, hormonal imbalance, post natal depression and other ailments such as miscarriages, low placenta or a dropped womb, NouriFBC can provide effective and safe remedies using our years of expertise . Do consult us for any queries for your individual needs.


Most mothers prefer to breast feed their child for a certain period before switching to formula milk. The common problems faced will be ensuring that the lactating glands in your breasts can generate a constant supply of milk for your child, and ensuring that the lactation ducts are not blocked to prevent painful breast engorgement.Our unique and effective Lactational glands massage will aid in the production and circulatory flow that is vital to maintaing an ample milk supply.


A common problem that affects almost every post childbirth woman is the unclean and smelly discharges from the birth canal due to a build up of dried blood in torn vaginal muscles and amniotic fluids. These often lead to severe infections if left untreated for too long. Loosened vaginal muscles is also another woe commonly associated with giving birth to a baby. We offer cleansing and tightening services using traditional Jamu herbal blends and secret recipes that are brewed by us for quality control.. Every bit of the organic and natural benefits will bring you closer to a healthier and happier you.


As your body’s immune system naturally tries to get your strength and energy levels back to what it was before, the body understands that all impurities within must be purged. Take advantage of this by having IPL laser treatments for your facial problems. The lasers can remove blackheads and sediments, smoothen over pockmarks and scars as well as produce a new layer of healthy skin by allowing the now unblocked pores to fully absorb collagen infusions for healing and skin rejuvenation.

Your skin’s impurities will be released by travelling through your bloodstream into your digestive systems.

Getting baby soft skin and a blemish free complexion will never be easier to achieve.


Nouri Face & Body Concepts guarantees total satisfaction
and the absolute highest quality in our services.
Here is what you benefit from taking up any of our Prenatal / Post Natal Massage treatments:
  • Expert Nutrition and Nourishment advice from our founder, Valerie De Costa.
  • Personalized and high quality treatment sessions using only all natural organic ingredients and herbal infusions.
  • The most effective and advanced techniques that will be 100% safe for mother and child.
  • Premium quality products that are clinically approved, with no harmful additives.
  • Dedicated and well experienced therapists to attend to your sessions.
  • Most of all, we are results orientated with over a decade of excellence to show for it.

Look no further for a good Prenatal and Post Natal Massage in Singapore!

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