NouriFBC’s Clinical Skin Tag Removal Clinical Aesthetic Service

Image 1 of Skin Tag removal pageSkin tag is a lesser occurrence among adults in Singapore. Those who aren’t afflicted with it will mostly be unable to identify what it looks like. While having skin tag is not dangerous or harmful to your health,it can be unpleasant to look at if left untreated for a long period of time.

The process to remove skin tags is a non invasive and relatively painless one if carried out by a professional beauty therapist or dermalogical consultant from a skin clinic.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts offers highly affordable aesthetic services for a variety of beauty treatments that include skin tag removal using clinical procedures for a safe and effective experience for our clients.

Image 2 of Skin tag removal pageGet your skin tag removed quickly with ease, by arranging an appointment with us to consult on the procedure duration and other remedial aspects to get your skin blemish free and healthy.

Come try out our Skin Tag Removal services at affordable prices that cost far less than a visit to a skin clinic, but with the same professional standards and careful attention to procedure. Our beauty and clinical standard equipment are all certified,safe and highly effective to meet your needs.

Our prices for Skin Tag Removal are as follows

Full skin surface area Tag Removal process: $3.00 / min

  • Per small spot surface Tag removal: $10.00
  • Anesthetic cream surface spot area application: $15.00
  • Anesthetic cream 1/4 face application: $35.00
  • Anesthetic cream application 1/2 face application: $65.00
  • Anesthetic cream application full face application: $85.00
  • Deep Tissue Repair: small $35.00 , medium $65 , large $95 (This is highly recommended for an even more effective healing process)
  • Protective Blocking Cream: small. $15 , medium $25 , large $35
  • Compatible and Gentle Facial Cleanser: $35

If you are unsure on how much time or surface areas of your skin need to be treated accordingly with the above prices, please fill up the contact form below to inquire or arrange a consultation for us to help assess your skin at our shop.

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