NouriFBC’s Beauty services for Lips and Eyelid Embroidery

Have you ever wondered how some women in Singapore look beautiful with minimal effort even when they aren’t dressed up to go out and have a fun leisurely day?

While some of them may have been blessed with gorgeous natural features that require very low maintenance, or some may or may not have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures to correct certain points of their features, the real  secret is most likely ‘permanent make up’.

What is permanent make up, you ask? It is It a type of beauty treatment to enhance or change certain features such as eyelids,eyebrows and lips without undergoing cosmetic surgery. Using specific tools, a beautician will apply make up strokes to your features to change or enhance them in just a few hours.

Is it expensive? Not really an expense if compared to cosmetic surgery. It is also not harmful or dangerous with no side effects.

What can it be used for exactly?
  • Do you look tired or matured without make up?
  • Do you battle with time everyday to do make up before leaving home?
  • Would you like to enhance your features to appear more radiant and attractive naturally?

Nouri Face & Body Concepts’  Angel permanent aesthetic make up  makes one look fresh and radiant , and helps one to feel even more confident. Our embroidery technique is so natural and yet subtle that others will not be able to tell that you have done any form of permanent make up procedures. The process is all natural and very safe,which does not involve any form of cosmetic surgery.

Angel Lips Embroidery-Luscious, Redefined, Sensual

Do you have:
  • Image 1 of Lip embroideryDarkened or pigmented lips that needs to be brightened?
  • Pale lips that need definition,and a boost for vibrancy?
  • Uneven lips outline that need reshaping or added structure?
  • Droopy lips that need correction?

You will appreciate the results and be amazed at what the Angel Lips embroidery can do for your lips. No matter what their existing condition is like, the look and texture of your lips will be silky, soft,supple and softly intoned with supple the right hue of color. Your overall appearance will be more youthful and radiant with just one simple process that looks highly natural and beautiful to behold.

Using a technique similar to our Korean Eyebrow Embroidery service, we apply color that is matched to suit your skin tone and favorite make up shades using high quality anesthetic numbing cream and sterilized premium grade applicator sterilized equipment for a safe and hygienic experience like no other.

Get Eyelids that mesmerize, with Angel Eyelid Embroidery

Do you have:
  • Image 2 of Eyeliner embroidery pageSleepy looking or a ‘lazy eye’ condition?
  • Tired looking eyes that can’t seem to be rid of that exhausted look?
  • Uneven shaped, or less obvious Eyeliner?
  • Dull, lackluster eyes that require a lot of make up application?

The Angel Eyeliner embroidery will definitely hep resolve the above issues. Your eyes will look vibrant, fresh and lively.Matched with your daily make up essentials, the Angel Eyeliner embroidery will transform dull or non expressive eyes into mesmerizing features that people around you will notice and pay attention to.

The Eyeliner Embroidery procedure is painless

Curious about the process? Put your doubts and fears to rest, we have prepared a short video just for you to see how easily it is done live on a real client during her session with us.


You are one step away from having beautiful and enhanced facial features that stand out in a crowd. There is no time to waste, contact us for inquiries or to book an appointment now!

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