Brazilian Waxing Services By NouriFBC

Image 1 for Brazilian waxing page with blue bikiniLooking for an experienced professional to help you get that smooth bikini line and sensitive areas without feeling unnecessary pain and discomfort?

Try Nouri Face & Body Concepts Brazilian Waxing services. for a comfortable, effective and hygienic experience today.

Silky smooth results are easily achieved using high quality hard stripless wax that is different from the old conventional honey or sugar wax. Not only is hard strapless wax cooler in temperature, it prevents skin surface tissue damage and a less painful sensation compared to common honey wax used by many other waxing parlours in Singapore.

What To Expect When Having Brazilian Waxing Done With Us

Our waxing services are ideal for both non pregnant or expectant women. Waxing helps hair regrowth become finer and less thick after at least 3 sessions. The instant results you can expect from a first time application of our Brazilian Wax are:

  • Instantly silky smooth and soft skin.
  • Longer time taken for hair stubble to regrow.
  • Cleaner and more hygienic skin surface.
  • Lesser pain and careful application from a trained professional.
  • Absolutely safe and bacteria free,dipping sticks are not reused and all equipment are 100% sterile.

Tips For The Best Brazilian Waxing Results

Follow these tips if you are new or experienced to Brazilian Waxing, for better results.
  • Inform us ahead,if your menstruation cycle occurs during your week of appointment. We can and will continue with the service.
  • You can decrease the feeling of pain if you are highly sensitive or extremely pain intolerant by consuming a mild painkiller before your appointment. Consult your doctor for a recommended pill.
  • Do not exercise or engage in activities that make you sweat after a Brazilian Waxing. Sweat will interfere with the recovery due to open pores of your skin. It can definitely cause the area to be irritated and uncomfortable. Wait up to 1 day if you have to hit the gym or workout.
  • Choose only professional therapists with good and sterile equipment to prevent any bacterial infections or severe discomfort during the waxing procedure.
Our affordable prices for quality waxing services makes looking silky smooth and sexy, easy.

Prices for one session start at only $34* for our basic Brazilian Waxing 1st trial!

  • Hard Strip-less wax for more comfort and quality
  • Gentle and experienced therapist
  • Total hygiene and strict quality control of the dipping sticks and jars
  • Longer lasting effects compared to honey wax
For pregnant mums, try out the Prenatal Brazilian Waxing starting at only $120 , before a 50% discount for the 1st Trial Session!

This service is specially put together to give pregnant mums extra value added care:

  •   Self formulated wax for mothers-to-be.
  •   Includes soothing and softening ampules added to the wax so that treatment is pain free and gentle on skin , done with specialized technique meant for expectant mums.

That’s not all, the 1st TRIAL SESSION will include an extra bonus extra of our Post Wax Ampule and Mask treatments worth $68.

  •   Helps to sooth and moisturize skin to prevent irritation of open pores.
  •   Delays the growth of new hair follicles, and makes stubble finer in texture.
  •   Lightens up your skin tone in a darkened bikini line area.

So why wait further? Take your first step to feeling smooth,clean and oh-so sexy by filling up the contact form below to enquire or book an appointment with us today!

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Disclaimer: The 50% discounts are valid for 1st Trial Sessions only,and limited to be used once per customer only. Management reserves the right to change any of the promotional terms at any time.