Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal by qualified specialists

Do you have a poorly done tattoo, or some ink work you wish would just dissappear? Need an affordable and absolutely professional professional laser tattoo removal specialist that is efficient and more cost effective than going to a skin centre?

Nouri Face & Body Concepts can offer you exactly just that, minus the expensive rates of some doctors and clinics, The professional tattoo removal service will be done in a sterile and hygienic room using safety approved equipment by a specialist to ensure minimal pain, discomfort and scarring of skin tissue.

Removal of Eyebrow tattoo and Body Art

Our tattoo removal services are also available for the removal of old or faded eyebrow tattoos, large or small body art works with or without colored ink.

Depending on the size and complexities of your tattoo design, a standard removal would require anywhere from three to eight sessions of laser removal. All appointment sessions require pre booking and a consultation with us before hand to help us understand your requirements clearly.

Prices for Laser Tattoo Removal

The below pricing is on a per session basis for body tattoos. Please contact us directly for a consultation to obtain more information if you are unsure how many sessions you would require for your tattoos to be removed.

For eyebrow tattoo removal, the prices areremoval a one time cost for full removal. Some eyebrows which are thickly tattooed will require multiple sessions,and our price will cover the the entire number of sessions for this.

For Body:
  • Black only – $60 (palm sized) , colored $80 ( palm sized)
  • Black only – $120 (half back, colored $170 (half back)
  • Black only – $250 (full back) , colored $300 (full back)
For Eyebrows:
  • One time fee of $350.

Please contact us for a free consultation to determine how best we can help you, with a comprehensive explanation on the process right now. Simply fill up the contact form below and get a guaranteed reply within 24 hours!

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