Slimming Massage: Does it really work in 2015?

In the world we are living in today, people are more and more concerned with the way they are living. One of the greatest worries of most people is gaining weight. Possible loss weight methods are some of the most highly sort for subjects on the internet. People are continuously looking for better and effective ways through which they can shed their extra weight. People are going to great lengths to have that method that will help them shed as much weight in the shortest time possible say maybe 10 kgs in 2 weeks.

Due to this level of desperation, most people are trying weight loss pills that are being sold by unscrupulous dealers out to only make money. Such pills end up having adverse effects on such a person’s goals. Some are even acting as a counter to weight loss thus exacerbating the situation. If you are among such people, then you need not to worry anymore as an effective weight loss method has been discovered just for you.

In case you are the busy kind who has no time to hit the gym or you just generally dislike the idea of going to the gym, then this method is for. Do not panic yet, it has nothing to do with starving yourself. Slimming massage is a great way through which one can shed their extra weight. One of the greatest things about this method is that it does not involve skipping meals or rigorous exercises at the gym. On the contrary, it involves soothing music while lying down and relaxing.

Slimming massage is a kind of massage that focuses on toning you muscles by getting rid of the extra cellulite in your body thus leaving behind only a mass of muscles. It is aimed at reducing one’s body cellulite so as to enhance circulation. Apart from weight loss, slimming massage helps one in other ways like helping one to relax and rejuvenate their bodies. By improving the circulation of one’s blood in the body, they are able to avert various diseases like hypertension.

Before engaging in any slimming plan, it is important to have a talk with a slimming massage expert so that they can advice you on the best plan to undertake. Different people will require different plans and different plans will yield different results. It is therefore important not to rely on a friend’s advice alone on the plan you should undertake, rather having a talk with an expert is the surest way to ensure success of your plan.

So how does slimming massage help to lose weight? One may ask. This works in two ways. The first and the most common one is the indirect one. A massage helps one release stress, releasing reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the primary hormone known to promote the deposition of the adipose tissue. Thus when its production is reduced, the level of the adipose tissue deposition also goes down thus reducing the rate of one’s weight gain.

The other way is the direct one. Massage as we have noted helps improve the blood circulation throughout the body. Improved blood circulation has various advantages to the body. Some of these include:

  • Increased nutrient delivery

With good blood circulation, you body will be able to deliver nutrients more effectively to all organs in your body. A massage relaxes the tensed parts of the body thus making it easy for the blood to circulate. A good circulation will ensure that you whole body remains nourished. This can also help in fat distribution to ensure that your body fat is evenly distributed throughout the body unlike in the case of a poor circulation. A poor circulation system makes it hard to distribute fat throughout the body so you find that it is only concentrated in one region like the stomach walls.

  • Increased toxins removal

Apart from supplying nutrients to the body, a good circulation also helps to get rid of toxins from the body. One of the major toxins removed by the blood is lactic acid. When exercising or when carrying out rigorous exercises, lactic acid tends to build up in the muscles leading fatigue and muscle cramps. With time, if the acid is not effectively removed, it will make it impossible for such a person to exercise. An experienced masseur is able to work this acid back into the blood vessel in as little as a single session! Once in the blood system, it is carried off together with other toxins to be excreted from the body.

Once the toxins are removed from your muscles, the muscles are strengthened. Stronger muscles equals higher energy needs which translates to more burning of calories. The calories are not only required to supply your muscles with the energy needed, they are also required to repair your muscles’ micro tears that appear during work outs.

As you can see, there is more to a massage than relieving the body tension. A massage can go a long way in helping you lose the extra weight in just a few weeks. The most important thing with a massage as a way of shedding weight is to be patient. One needs to understand that weight loss is a gradual process if it is going to be successful at all. Those seeking overnight success with slim massaging will end up being disappointed. The body will need to adjust to the loss of cellulite which will help ensure that there is no loose skin that is left behind or those ugly stretch marks.

There are so many advantages that come with regular massages. It is therefore important to go for a massage every now and then as it is not only relaxing, it is also healthy. It is also important to engage in other healthy activities like meditation and exercise while at the same time practicing healthy living to ensure that your weight gain process does not recur. That is the only way through which you will ensure that your slimming massage exercise is successful. Good luck!


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