Slimming Massage Packages To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight with slimming massages

How to lose weight with a slimming massage. Using slimming massages as an effective solution to achieve weight loss goals in a safe an effective manner. No diets or supplements will produce the results of losing 10 kg or more in 4 weeks

Many women in Singapore resort to drastic measures in order to lose weight fast. These include weight loss diets, fat loss supplements or slimming beverages. For over 15 years, Nouri Face & Body Concepts has treated innumerable clients using our highly effective slimming massage techniques, that helps our clients not only with the most effective way to lose weight faster, but also to lose weight healthily.

Our tested and proven massage techniques are combined with modern and clinically approved machinery that helps to break down stubborn fatty cell deposits in the body. We can effectively target specific areas such as thighs, arms and abdominal fat with these weight loss treatment sessions.

Whether your extra weight consists of water retention, fatty deposits in the body, poor circulation and toxin blockage in your lymph nodes,or even post pregnancy deterioration, we have the right techniques and methods to get your body to slim down fast and shape up in a safe and effective manner that will give you the results you desire

Who benefits from Nouri Face & Body Concepts’
Slimming Massage Treatments:
  • Women who gained added weight from pregnancy
  • People looking to lose weight without exercise, or whose long job hours inhibits them from having proper exercise
  • Genetically inherited heavy set or obese individuals
  • People whose figures suffered from years of neglect
  • Women with uneven proportions in certain areas of the body
  • Anyone looking to obtain effective slimming results in a fast and safe manner

the different types of Slimming Massage
methods available:

  • Lymphatic Massage

    Drains toxins in clogged lymph nodes that cause bloating and poor circulation,resulting in fat due to poor digestion. This massage service is only deemed suitable and available to clients after a thorough assessment by our expert therapists, it can be used on it’s own or combined with other massages for cleansing and detoxification benefits,highly recommended to clients with poor self control and unhealthy eating habits.

  • Pre and Post Natal pregnancy Massage

    Our highly acclaimed and effective for mums that need to regain their figures to go back to work or to erase the seemingly permanent damages brought on by pregnancy such as stretch marks and excess fat

  • Jamu based Massage traditional Massage

    We formulate and prepare traditional Jamu medicinal herbs that help with fat loss with lots of beneficial properties to treat wind, water retention, soreness and problem areas with stubborn fat cells. Mostly combined with other types of massages to enhance the effectiveness or gain faster slimming results. All Jamu recipes are 100% organic and painstakingly brewed by our therapists.

  • Slimming Massage

    This massage suits anyone and everyone with mild to average difficulty in weight loss. It consists of recipes modified from the original secret family recipes of Thai & Peranakan origin, hand techniques for body work and effective modern machinery to help you lose weight fast.

With so many ways to lose weight through the various massage treatments we offer,our extremely effective and safe combination of body work and expertise in herbal recipes, traditional massage principles as well as modern and clinically approved machinery will leave you nothing short of amazed at how fast you lose your unwanted weight gain to regain back a slimmer and healthier figure. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our clients, ambassadors and beauty bloggers at Nourifbc do not endorse slimming teas , slimming coffees and slimming pills as these could alter the natural balance of one’s body and cause life threatening or long term harmful side effects.Instead , your stubborn fat layers are worked on using the effective methods developed by the nourifbc slimming package, on the external level , while sound advice on weight loss tips for Diet and Nutrition will be shared by Valerie De Costa , who is in great shape despite having to frequently attending food review events to showcase on her lifestyle blog.

How to lose weight? It’s Easy, here is What
Our Clients Get from us:

  • Bespoke and custom tailored recipes and treatment program to effectively obtain results fast.
  • Specially formulated hand made herbal based treatments that are safe and organic.
  • Expert advice and attention from Valerie on How to lose weight fast with weight loss diet and nutrition advice.
  • High quality and effective slimming massage treatments by therapists with years and years of skilled expertise.
  • Optional brand new high grade and multi design slimming undergarments for daily use to help with body contouring and concealing unsightly bulges during your daytime activities.


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